Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hey guys, heres another ''notsoimportant'' post :)

I'm still waiting for the voice actors to finish the voice acting for the main caracters, but while waiting I've been wasting my time playing Counterstrike (Source) :) But the real purpous of the post is left. When i started with machinima i saw some tutorials, (by Oxhorn from WeGame, and After Effects tutorials from Andrew Craimer from but i was close to give up when i met Calle Nilsson (aka Irdeen) and Adrian Drott (aka X-Cross). They tought me some of the best kept secrets of the machinima world :) anyway, they have helped me alot and i have them to thank for still being here, just so you know where i get some of my knowledge from. Thats everything for now :) Cheers!


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  1. Thank you very much ^^! BTW you wrote: subskribe, it's you spell it: Subscribe*. Sorry for saying that, just so you know.